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Business Operations


The online marketplace
for growing businesses

Access over 100,000 retailers and their millions of customers.

Stock up at affordable prices

Shop from a growing inventory of over 5000 products and resell them for a profit at your store.

Sell to millions of customers

Sign up as a merchant and sell your goods through other retailers' storefronts on our platform.

Earn additional income as a reseller

Become a reseller and earn extra from offering a variety of products to your customers.

Manage your business at your fingertips

Check your inventory, pricing and sales easily through our mobile app.

What our users
are saying

  • POST. helps us to record my orders and check my sales report on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis, so I can really analyze my sales and create a strategy that fits my business.
    It really helps me to work efficiently and effectively.


  • POST. is an app that pretty much can do anything. Really suitable and helpful for F&B business owners. I can check my sales everyday through my phone. Aside from that, I can also offer my customers the flexibility to choose any kind of payment options they prefer.


  • Truly grateful to have been using POST. that helps us to manage our sales report which used to be very scattered. Monitoring my daily sales has never been this easy. Super recommended!


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