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6 SME Growth Drivers Every Owner Must Know

6 September 2023

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Aldean Moch Rafli

SME Growth Drivers

As an SME owner in Southeast Asia, you’d have experienced first-hand how hot competition can become. With growth accelerating in the ASEAN (2022 GDP exceeded $3 trillion), it presents not only immense opportunities but also fierce competition for SMEs. It’s times like these that will separate the leaders from the laggards. And that’s why a robust growth strategy is key to coming out on top of the competition.

In this article, we’ll explore proven strategies to elevate your SME to new heights.

1. E-commerce and Online Presence

The digital age has opened up unprecedented opportunities. In order for your SMEs to thrive you need to take advantage of technology as part of your growth strategy. Invest in a robust online presence and e-commerce platform. With more Southeast Asians shopping online, this can significantly boost your sales. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, and embrace social media marketing to reach a wider audience. It is also important to connect your website with a payment network that accepts the customers payment of choice. 

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer loyalty is invaluable. Implement a CRM system to better understand your customers, personalize interactions, and anticipate their needs. Happy, loyal customers not only bring repeat business but also refer your SME to others.

3. Market Diversification

Expanding your customer base beyond your home market can be a game-changer. Consider exporting your products or services to neighboring countries within Southeast Asia. Conduct thorough market research, adapt to local preferences, and leverage your existing networks to make the most of this strategy.

4. Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration can lead to exponential growth. Seek out partnerships with complementary businesses in your industry. Joint ventures, co-marketing, or co-production can expand your reach and reduce costs. This SME growth strategy is rarely used but very effective in quickly growing your SME.

5. Innovation and Product Development

Stay ahead by continually innovating. Invest in research and development to create new products or services. Listen to customer feedback and adapt. This approach ensures your offerings remain relevant and competitive.

6. Effective Financial Management

Sound financial management is the backbone of growth. Keep a close eye on your cash flow, reduce unnecessary expenses, and consider alternative financing options like SME loans to fuel expansion projects 

SMEs can take advantage of business finance tools to manage their finances by opening a business account. There are many options available for SMEs to open a business account from traditional banks to fintech. One of the options from fintech is the Fazz Business Account. With Fazz you can send and receive payments for free, manage your cashflow and apply for SME loan to expand your business. 

Remember, growth takes time and effort. It’s essential to set clear goals, measure your progress, and adjust your strategies as needed. Also, seek advice from mentors or industry associations, as their experience can be invaluable.


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