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your mark in Southeast Asia?


Join us in building a fintech platform for businesses in Southeast Asia, from micro-businesses to enterprises. Why? Because being a business owner in Southeast Asia is tough, regardless of size. Let’s solve it together.

How Fazz can accelerate your career

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  • Be a part of accelerating Southeast Asia’s rise to eminence
  • Help us to build a homegrown financial platform for Southeast Asia Business with a heart
  • We care deeply about the people whom we are building for. We’re not here to make a quick profit, we want to help businesses build legacies – especially the ones that are often left behind by traditional banks
  • Work with smart, motivated people and experts in the field who really understand the market. Be a part of the future
  • We are doing something no other company in the world is attempting: building real world use-cases in crypto that will ultimately serve those who need the most. Product-led innovation
  • We believe in building products that people need and obsessed in helping our users to overcome their challenges
  • Be part of a multicultural, passionate, fun and driven team
  • Be a part of accelerating Southeast Asia’s rise to global eminence
  • Help Southeast Asia to stand on its own and build its own homegrown financial platform

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