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We are making the future of finance accessible for every business in Southeast Asia

Our History

We started as two companies.


PayFazz giving access to micro businesses in Indonesia and Xfers breaking the barriers to decentralised finance in Singapore. But we shared one vision: to accelerate financial access. Under this single-minded vision, we joined forces to strengthen our offerings and help more underserved businesses in Southeast Asia.

Through our experiences serving all types of businesses from micro businesses to enterprises, we’ve found that being a business owner of any size in Southeast Asia is tough. Incorporation is complicated, services are fragmented, hidden fees are everywhere and business owners spend too much time on paperwork. On top of that, limited access to capital makes it extremely difficult to grow.

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That’s why we’ve come together to change all that. We believe all businesses deserve equal opportunity to build, run and grow - no matter their size or location.

How we help businesses across Southeast Asia

Providing access to business account with payments, savings, and credit - all in one seamless, hassle-free platform.

We believe that when businesses are enabled, the economy wins. Accelerating Southeast Asia’s transformation and rise to global eminence.

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