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Ready to make
your mark in Southeast Asia?


Join us in building a business account that offers seamless payment, savings and credit functionalities, giving businesses equal opportunity to build, run, and grow, for micro businesses (warung) all the way to corporations. They have a common problem that being a business owner of any size in Southeast Asia is tough and we are here to help them.

How Fazz can accelerate your career

Be a part of accelerating Southeast Asia’s rise to eminence. Help us to build a homegrown financial platform for Southeast Asia

We care deeply about the people whom we are building for. We’re not here to make a quick profit, we want to help businesses build legacies

Work with smart, motivated people and experts in the field who really understand the market.

We are doing something no other company in the world is attempting: building real world use-cases in crypto that will ultimately serve those who need the most.

We believe in building products that people need and are obsessed in helping our users to overcome their challenges

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