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Fazz (formerly Xfers) awarded for the 5th time for unwavering commitment to fighting scams, fraud, and cybercrime

24 October 2022

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Aldean Moch Rafli

Fazz (formerly Xfers) awarded for the 5th time for unwavering commitment to fighting scams, fraud, and cybercrime

Cybercrimes are becoming increasingly common and complex. By 2021, cybercrimes made up 48% of overall crimes in Singapore — up from 43% in 2020. The Cyber Security Agency’s finding confirms that cybercrimes will continue to rise in the future.

To address these concerns, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) released the Singapore Cyber Landscape (SCL) 2021 publication on August 2022. The publication highlights the continuous threats that ransomware and phishing posed to organizations and individuals in Singapore in 2021.

Continuous dedication to the security and safety of our ecosystem

The security and safety of our systems and users are our utmost priority at Fazz Business. Throughout 2022, Fazz has continued working closely with the Singapore Police Force CyberCrime Command (CCC) to detect and report any signs of cybercrime before they happen. 

We are proud that the CCC has recognised our efforts as Fazz has once again received the Alliance of Public PrivAte Cybercrime sTakeholders (APPACT) Appreciation Award. The award commemorates the efforts of private companies in Singapore, who have supported the Singapore Police Force in the prevention of cybercrime.

Samson Leo (Fazz’s Chief Legal Officer) (right) received the award from Deputy Commissioner How Kwang Hwee (left) on behalf of Fazz.

Fazz is one of the 14 companies to have received the APPACT Appreciation Award. Alongside Singapore’s major banks OCBC and UOB, technology companies Microsoft and Lazada, and social media companies Meta and Tiktok. APPACT comprises of 63 partners from various industries, such as telecommunications and cryptocurrency companies, that collaborate with the Singapore Police Force to tackle cybercrime. 

Fazz had previously received awards from the SPF in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022 for our efforts in fighting scams, fraud, and cybercrime. The APPACT Appreciation Award marks the 5th time that Fazz’s efforts have been recognised and awarded by the Singapore Police Force.

Samson (second from the right) in a group photo with Deputy Commissioner How and other awardees.

At the ceremony, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr How Kwang Hwee, emphasised the importance of collaboration between the Singapore Police Force and private companies to protect the public from the dangers of cybercrime. He shared, “Over the years, we have seen successful collaborations between the SPF and our partners, including in investigations, raising public awareness on cybercrime, and conducting sharing or training for other law enforcement counterparts in the region.”

Unwavering commitment by Fazz towards fighting scams, fraud, and cybercrime

The award marks Fazz’s ongoing mission to be a close partner of relevant authorities in the fight against cybercrime in Singapore. We will continue to work hard to maintain the highest possible security standards to deliver a safe service experience for our users. 


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