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It’s a Wrap: Fazz’s Journey and Achievements in 2023

22 December 2023

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Nida Amalia

It’s a Wrap: Fazz's Journey and Achievements in 2023

In 2023, Fazz embarked on a long journey to offer the best services for all types of businesses, ranging from micro-businesses to large companies in Southeast Asia.

Amidst escalating business competition, we endeavor to provide financial solutions supporting our clients’ business management. We offer services for sending and receiving payments, expanding capital, managing employees, and securing funding.

We have taken several measures to support client business development. The following is a year-end summary of Fazz’s one-year journey, outlining various activities highlighted in this article.

Startup Demo Day 2023

On February 16 2023, Fazz participated in the Startup Demo Day 2023 event held by Prasetia Ventures, an Investment Management company. Apart from opening a booth, we also shared insights about how to manage a business using Fazz with visitors who came to the event.

Fazz x Jakpreneur

Fazz collaborated with Jakpreneur (Jakarta Entrepreneur) last May. Jakpreneur is a platform established by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to support creative and innovative individuals, enabling the advancement of micro, small, and medium-scale businesses (MSMEs). In this collaboration, we provided assistance for the development of MSMEs, which took place in 10 sub-districts in East Jakarta. During the event, Fazz representatives offered guidance on effective business development strategies and engaged in discussions with over 400 MSMEs who attended the events. 

Indonesia SME Summit and Expo 2023

On August 29-31, 2023, Fazz participated in the ISSE 2023 event held at ICE BSD. Throughout the event, we offered ‘business health check-ups’ for entrepreneurs who seek consultations about their businesses with our team. Additionally, we provided complimentary coffee for visitors who were interested in discussing their business matters with us, fostering a relaxed and interactive environment for conversations..

Token 2049 Singapore

On September 13-14, 2023, Fazz participated in the TOKEN2049 Singapore event. This annual event, held in Singapore and London, focuses on the crypto industry, gathering global stakeholders to discuss future strategies, including global developments, perspectives on the ecosystem, and extensive opportunities. TOKEN2049 offers a platform for founders and executives of leading crypto and blockchain companies to share their market insights.

Event Partnership dengan JustCo – Fazz Break

Fazz collaborated with JustCo Marina Square to host the Fazz Break event last September. Attendees had the opportunity to visit our booth, interact directly with Fazz representatives, and engage in exciting activities like prize draws. Additionally, similar events were organized at several other locations, including JustCo Center Point (on October 5), JustCo MetroPolis (on October 17), and JustCo Cross Street Exchange (on October 19).

Tech & Tonic

In November, Fazz took part in the Singapore Fintech Festival alongside several clients including Triple-A, Multiplier, Headquarters (HQ.xyz), AWS, and Fintech Nation. The presence of these collaborators offered a platform for collaboration, learning, and the exchange of brilliant ideas within today’s fintech world.

Collaboration with Kasir Pintar

Starting on February 17, Fazz initiated a collaboration with Kasir Pintar, a point-of-sale application dedicated to empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The collaboration includes several forms: social media collaboration, focusing on educating about Fazz’s capital funding products and Kasir Pintar’s Point of Sale services; online events through IG live streaming, moderated by Kasir Pintar with Fazz as the resource persons; and article collaboration, wherein Fazz and Kasir Pintar exchange articles monthly, discussing business education and their respective products, published on both Kasir Pintar and Fazz blogs.

Our continuous hard working has brought some achievements for Fazz Business, including the following: 

  • In 2023, loan disbursed by Fazz Business skyrocketed by over 3 times
  • The total AUM managed by Fazz Business increased by 60%
  • More global transactions occurred in 2023, with the amount of money globally increasing by more than 5 times
  • The number of new verified account in Fazz Business went up by 26.70%
  • Users utilized Fazz Business for transferring money both domestically and internationally a whopping 134,714 times

Product Launching in 2023

  • In March, Fazz launched International transfer with the friendliest FX rates 

– Send out globally in 50+ currencies 

– Best rates with low transparent fees 

– Up to 4x cheaper than banks 

  • In May, The FAST Send service has been launched and is accessible via the Fazz Business dashboard, enabling free local bank transfers 
  • Starting in July, loan borrowers have been able to schedule their capital loan payments.
  • In September, the Fazz Business team successfully addressed several critical tech debts, including the migration of KYB to USD account migration.
  • In November, the approval flow for payments was established.
  • In December, a currency/DBS cloud integration was implemented to manage cross-border business.

In 2023, Fazz Business will also collaborate with specific partners and platforms to aid in the development of local businesses in Indonesia: 

– Kasir Pintar

Fazz collaborates with Kasir Pintar, a Point of Sale (POS) application, primarily through content collaboration on social media. This collaboration aims to assist Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in advancing their businesses by leveraging Kasir Pintar’s POS services for optimizing transaction recording and utilizing Fazz Business for business development capital.

Additionally, Fazz and Kasir Pintar have conducted live streaming sessions discussing ‘Important Tools for Maximizing Small Business Operations.’ Furthermore, they engage in monthly article collaborations where Fazz and Kasir Pintar exchange articles published on their respective blogs. 

– Jakarta Entrepreneur (Jakpreneur)

Fazz collaborates with Jakpreneur, a platform established by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. This collaboration aims to offer guidance on effective business development strategies across 10 sub-districts in East Jakarta. The event attracted over 400 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from the area.

– Sudi Jaya Group

Fazz collaborates with SJ Globalindo, our partner specializing in the coffee machine sector. This collaboration involved a Live Streaming session discussing ‘Coffee Shop Success Strategies with Effective Funding,’ aiming to promote the business of the Sudi Jaya Group and highlight the Supply Chain Financing program offered by Fazz.


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