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Find Out How to Make Fund Transfers at the Speed of Now!

19 September 2022

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Nida Amalia

Find Out How to Make Fund Transfers at the Speed of Now!

We understand that as your business transactions grow, fund transfers need to happen at the speed of now. To support your growth, we have accelerated our product innovations to make access to your Virtual Account number and PayNow QR code completely frictionless.

Below are tutorials on how Virtual Account and Paynow from Fazz Business can help you to fund transfers faster:

  1. Login to your Fazz Business dashboard. Click Account, then go to Account Details.
  1. Click PayNow section to show details.
  1. Copy your Virtual Account number or PayNow QR code.
  1. After the number is copied, you will get a notification toast that appears and inform you that ‘Bank transfer details have been copied’. Share the copied number or QR code with your customer.

Your Virtual Account number and PayNow QR code are designed to never expire, so your customers can keep using them for recurring payments.

We constantly innovate to bring you bleeding-edge fintech solutions that drive business results.

Try it out and let us know your thoughts!


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