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Fazz rapid relief for businesses in need

8 August 2023

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Aldean Moch Rafli

Fazz Rapid Relief for Businesses in Need

With the costs of borrowing skyrocketing, continuing inflation, supply chain disruptions and worried consumers cutting back in the face of economic uncertainty, businesses are taking a beating.

In this brutal and fast-changing environment, business owners like you need a partner who can come quickly to your aid. 

At Fazz, we’re fully equipped to provide quick relief you need – so that you can continue to build, run, and grow no matter what happens.

Read on to learn more.

Easy access to working capital

Weather bad economic storms or make the most of a bull market with quick access to loans starting from as low as 0.05% daily interest. Our loan applications are simple and take no time at all. Enjoy the flexibility of paying when you are ready with flexible payment terms.

Hassle-free payment solutions

Like a trusty stress-ball, our payment solutions give you relief from the pressures of high operating costs. Our low fee payment solutions allows you to plug-and-play access to local payment networks in Singapore and Indonesia. Pay and get paid with no stress.

Virtual Card with 0 annual fee

Put a patch on the burn of price hikes and reduce unnecessary spending during economic uncertainty. Our virtual cards help you spend smart with zero local transaction fee, and zero exchange rate markup when you spend overseas.
🇸🇬 Only available in Singapore

Business account with interest

A lifesaver to protect your profit and capital from drowning due to inflation. Get our business account with daily compounded interest rates of up to 2% APY*. No minimum deposit. No lock-in period. Insured for your peace of mind.
*TnC apply
🇸🇬 Only available in Singapore

Get quick relief now so you can get up, and fight another day.


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